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♥ Krystal's Life ♥
6th-Nov-2002 07:16 pm
Wutsuppp ! not much hea. u kno the deal. well today waz fun ! hehe. i woke up @ like 7, went off to skewl. we had a half day :D weight train'n roked..we had a "nutrition day" haha. i ate so fuk'n much ! hahaa wow if u onli knew. MmMmM! it waz awesome. well newho. i got out @ 1225. and i went out to eat. then i went ova jamies. we chilled then i hadda go to Parker :D i wanted to go thea..bc i neva been thea its quiet a shitty place, let me tell ya ..its gross ha. i all thought it wud b nice. ha def not..well newAys. i got bak @ 4..and we took a cab down to agapitos house..ah we were in the cab for like seriously 20 mins, we hadda drop this gay kid off at hiz house which waz across town ! ah. but we finally got thea at 5:30, and we went down to smiths to cash agapitos check. ah i waz mad hyper ! then we got sum lotion and he bought me a magizine ! :D then we went and got sum icecream yummers i got StrAwBerRy BaNnAna :D mmMm. then we went out to a resturaunt dude ima pig..ha i got a ceaser salad it sucked like woah. haha agapito fukin punched my hand it killed then we walked bak to smiths b/c i wanted sumthing for my hair..damn agapito bought me + Jamie mad shit !! he bought me this stuff that makes ur hair straight..then this scrunching gEL + adias colgne..and ya he bought jamie mad shit too he is so nice ! jamie ur bf roks ! lol lol very genorous. im happy now mah hair will b STRAIGHT not WAVy N ShiT! ha. well then we walked to agapitos..and called a cab around 8ish. ya we found out who fukin fuked wit our heads on halloween it waz this spic boy er i waz so heated he waz in the cab hes like omg are u the chicks who ran frm me on halloween me n jamie are like omg ya !! ERR we were so mad . hm. well i took a shower..and hea i am .hehe. i feel kinda sik this sux. lolo i ate too much :[ aw mano. well adios.
<3 krystal

HaVe A NiCe NiTe beBe
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