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♥ Krystal's Life ♥
10th-Nov-2002 05:42 pm
Heyy hunnies<3 i havent updated for a few days ;[ sowwie. well this weekend waz aight. i wud say. i been thinkin mad shit ova and ima try my hardest to be strong for the next 6 months..thanks for all the comments i <3 you guys<33 =)

->well friday i went to skool mad boringg. obv..afta skool i went to jamies..and we chilled. we went to agapitos and we just walked around town..didnt do much. it waz kinda boring then we went to jamies and we watched sum movies..i talked to Matt for 5 mins hes a dikhead and im OvA him .. ((i think ?)) haha my heart is still in love wit the kid i duno i cant hate it its fuked up and it sux...i got home @ 12 and wathced tv..
->SaTurDAy i woke up @ 11..and i hadda go to mii nana's bc my mom wanted to go away .. to see the Grand Canyon + to get away frm us aha bc wea pains :D well i took a shower + went to subway..(jamies work) and i waited for her slow ass to get out.. well we walked to agapitos..and we walked around town..haha omg u guys we took a cab down to pauleens fashions..and fukin we picked up this drunk gurl..she waz fukin freakin me out..she waz all screamin and sayin i dont kno wea i live and shit she turned around and sed to me..wut the fuk are u lookin at ima punch u in the face (this chick waz DRUNKKKKK and like 30 ?)) i waz dyin im like ok hunni u do that..and then she turns around again and says ur so pretty id tip ya if u were my watress ur the bomb i waz dyin im like ok..haha then the cab driva dropped her off at the corna and she waz screamin her ass off and haha it waz funni..but then i walked to my nanas bc jamie waz bein gay lol.. so ya i hadda go wit my sistas to sum church thing..lol i duno ? we toasted marshmellos ! o how sweet..i got home @ 9 and jamie called me and wanted to kno if i wanted to go to the movies..so i sed yaaaaaa bc we went to see 8 miles<33333 omgg that movie rokeddddd em waz so fukin bangin MmMmM !!!! haha well i got bak at 12 and just chilled..
SunDay i didnt rlly do nething i woke up @ 11 and watched tv my nana took me to ccd but haha we didnt have it bc of vetrens day ? o well then we went to the swap meeeeet..and we went bak,,um i dunno iwent to walgreens..today waz a chillin day fer me :D and tomorro is vetrens day so ima sleeppppp hehe :D

thats bout it hopefullli u enjoyed readin..sike ! :P o boy. im outtie <333

<33 alwayz KrystaL
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