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♥ Krystal's Life ♥
7th-Nov-2002 04:35 pm
okay lets see. life sux ? yeah. i dont know where to start. im so glad to have this journal + awesume lj friends to support me ryte now. its not a good point in my life and its wen i need my journal the most to express my feelingz bc no1 else rlly listens.
-well let me start you off wit wut i did today. i woke up at 7 took a shower and straightend my hair <
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okay lets see. <b>life sux</b> ? yeah. i dont know where to start. im so glad to have this journal + <b>awesume lj friends to support me ryte now</b>. its not a good point in my life and its wen i need my journal the most to express my feelingz bc no1 else rlly listens.
-well let me start you off wit wut i did today. i woke up at 7 took a shower and straightend my hair <<it lookz wiked good. well skool suked like usual. dur. i got out and i hadda big fight wit my moms boyfriend. ya hes the biggest dikhead in this fuk'n werld and im neva gunna put my kids thru this. i think 99% of children that have stepdads, or if thea mom has a bf hates them. i mean does neone out thea have a stepdad who tries to act like thea father ? ::raises hand:: i do. and it sux. we got ina fight bc i gave jamie a ride home, and i waz like can i drive so i can get ready for my drivers test. ((i waz suppose to take 10 years ago lol)) and he waz bitch'n at me for no reason then he fukin stops on the side of the road and says <b>get out and walk</b>. so i go jamie wanna get the fuk out bc this guy has sum serious issues he needs to take care of. so she sed ya so we open the door and the pyscho path speeds foward..im liek um heh ok fukin asshole ? i didnt shut the door so the whole ride home the door waz open i waz screm'n HELP ! haha i wanted to get outta thea he waz out of control its not fair i have to live wit him i miss my dad<3 so much hes not even close to bein that pyscho i dunno y my mom left my dad and went wit this guy bc my dad is so much betta..hes not fat...hes not OLD..hes not crazy and he respects me..and then my momz bf doesnt mind his own business bosses me around..swears at me ..my own dad doesnt even do that i dont get life but wuteva. and i have issues wit live'n hea i wanna go bak home and visit my friends, and my mom wont let me ? ha ok fuk that lady im goin i dont care im live'n hea wit a bunch of asshole hicks who dont fukin do shit. i hate everyone and i just want my old life bak i have to wait another fukin 6 months to see my dad. my family. matt. my friends. my whole life is bak thea and noone understands. er im so heated..i cant stand this shit nemore. then i have my "love life" ya thats fuked up too. fuk'n i never talk to matt nemore and im in love with him, i dunno if i shud just ferget bout him or wut er ppl left comments b4 but i unno my heart is say'n stay wit him dont give up and then my mind is sayin fuk him go wit another guy. er. i hate love it sux. let me tell ya never get attached to sumone till ur 20 ((sed by sarah. frm josh lol.)) so fuk'n true tho. i agree wit her n josh tho. u shud live ur life have fun meet different ppl. dont get attached im warn'n ya it can suk bigg time. wuteva i been cry'n all fuk'n day i dont kno how much more i can take. i dont need all this shit in my life im onli 16 ! lol er i never knew life cud sink this low..frm bein like the happiest gurl alive wit everything she ever wanted to sink'n down to be depressed wit no friends hea and away frm everyone... last nite i cudnt like breathe theas sumthing seriously wrong wit me i think its the weather its so dry hea and it sux fukin ass. but ya no doctor hea can figure out wuts wrong er PPL SUK HEA THEY CAN ALL DIE FOR ALL I CARE FUK'N ASSHOLES I BEEN SO SNAPPY LATELY THEA IS SUMTHING WRONG im fukin out one.

<marquee>happy bday dalyn sorry im not thea. im stuk hea my life sux. well <3 u hunn 477</marquee>

<b>i just want to say thanks to my friends that have supported me for the last 7 months i seriuosly know i have the greatest friends in this fukin werld. and no matter wut we will stick together. its so good to have friends like you and thanx for deal'n wit this bullshit things will b bak to normal in 6 months promise..:tear:</b>
7th-Nov-2002 07:36 pm (UTC)
Hey Krys!<3*`
I wish I could send you money sOo you can go see all your friends.. + especially Matt! You seem sOo lonely without them! I hope everything will be okay.. + look on the bright side, it's only 6 more months!?
Ehh.. wait nevermind, that kinda still is a really long time, but if you think of it.. it's already November + May really isn't that far away..!
I hope everything gets resolved with you and Matt.. sOo when you go in May you'll be back together!! Ahh.. mad cute!
Does your mom know how you feel about her boyfriend?? If she doesn't.. you should tell her sOo she knows how you feel about him!

Well I'm gonna go.. I talk too much!

<3 You !
Candy -*
7th-Nov-2002 07:54 pm (UTC) - :)
Heyy hunnie thanks so much for the comment ! it means a lot to me lol =) well ya matt does mean a lot to me, i been atached to him for a long ass time..;[ but hopefullie everything will werk out ! and hopefullie the next 6 months will go by fast. my 2 best friends are come'n hea in dec :D thank God bc if they werent i'd die. ha. well i tell my mom all the time i cant stand her bf and she yells at him and most of the time she kicks him out for a while but he alwayz comes bak no matta wut he wont get off my moms ass. i cant stand the guy hes mad gay but wuteva i'll b 18 in less then 2 years so adios to that faq. ha. well i'll ttul ! thanks for the comment once again :D<3

love always KrystaL
143 xox mwah !
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