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♥ Krystal's Life ♥
10th-Nov-2002 07:19 pm
Hey huns guess wut !! i have a new BabY CuzIn!* her names Kaylee :D im so pissed bc she waz born in Boston and im ova hea ! and i cant see her ! er she's onli 2 lbs !!! she waz born 4 months early i hope she makes it..she waz born 11.10.02. :D @ 11am im so happy but..she has to stay in the hospital till January bc shes onli 2 lbs and they want her thea till her due date..which is in late januaryy ahh she had trouble breath'n so i guess she had like tubes down her throat i feel so bad !! wish her luk :[ ima be pray'n <3 ! i cant believe shes 4 months early ;x aw poor thing

I <3 KayLee AnN !
11th-Nov-2002 03:43 pm (UTC)
Jenna. Thanks for the comment. hopefullie she makes it. ;[ 2 lbs is mad small but i have lots of hope for her . ;/ well im here for you too ! and i kno ur there for me. =) bc u rok liek that :P well im outttie i miss youuu so much !! love youuu ! bfflddup xoxo mwahhh !

<33 Always Krystal
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