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♥ Krystal's Life ♥
i LovE You!>?<3 
11th-Nov-2002 07:13 pm
Hey huns. can sumone do me a huge Favor ? please ?... Can sumone insert a pic for me ? i cant do layouts @ all and i have the pic n shit..all i need is sumone to put it in my journ and mayb make it a lil pretty ? lolol ;[ i'd ask ashley but ima pain ! lol. ;[ if you can leave a comment..i'll love you foreva ? :D please ! lol i'll do nething. ;]

Love alwayz Krys

Leave A coMmEnt If You CaN!:[

Happy vEtReNs DayY!
13th-Nov-2002 03:08 pm (UTC)
don't feel bad about askin me to do stuff!!
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