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♥ Krystal's Life ♥
Recent Entries 
3rd-Nov-2002 05:36 pm - aww :D
Hey huns ! how do ya like my new layout ?! the credit goes out to ashley ! thanks so much hun ur awesum ! its wicked cute..

->well this weekend waz aight...yesterday i waz suppose to go out wit jamie and go dance*n or go to a party w/dave.. but i ended up goin' to Kingman to see my auntie in jail :[ it waz so sad she looked horrible ! i hope she gets out soon...her trail iz Nov.12 wish her luk ! :[ well we ended up waitin 2 hours to actually see her then we talked to her for a half n hour..then it took an hour to get bak..we went to jack in the box got sum fooood + i slept @ mah nanas..
->Today i didnt do much i got up @ 11...and i waz suppose to go to CCD but..wooops i waz tired ? lol naw i didnt feel all that good so .. i went out for sum cofffee :D and i saw Santa Claue 2 dude that movie is super cute ! go see it haha.<3 hm well ya hea i am. ! :D ya my mom + mike are in this big fight im so sik ov his shit he is an asshole and my mom shud just get another bf...geesh ! well im outtieee.<3

<33 alwayz Krystal <33

Thanx a bunch ash ! :D
1st-Nov-2002 09:18 pm - -pissed/depressed-
Hey bebe's ! whutsup u kno wut...guys suk heas a funni convo to sum it all up :P

CrayZcHiK107: hmm question....

Auto response from Sweetiepie143627: Update'n mii journ..leave a message . or screw .

CrayZcHiK107: y do guys suck so much?
Sweetiepie143627: ERRRRRRRRRR
Sweetiepie143627: DUDE
Sweetiepie143627: THEY CAN ALL GO TO HELL
CrayZcHiK107: lol
CrayZcHiK107: fa real tho
Sweetiepie143627: ER yes faheal
CrayZcHiK107: grr u kno
Sweetiepie143627: er
CrayZcHiK107: like wtf is up wit them!!!
Sweetiepie143627: why wuts wrong w/frankie
Sweetiepie143627: lololol
Sweetiepie143627: thea fuked in the head
CrayZcHiK107: i rlly cant remember the last time he called ME
CrayZcHiK107: i always haftah call him!
CrayZcHiK107: n he always fukin says he'll call me later n NEVA does!!!
Sweetiepie143627: omg ah
Sweetiepie143627: it sux
Sweetiepie143627: ASSSSSSSHOLES
Sweetiepie143627: dudeee
Sweetiepie143627: sine matt goes his license hes been actin like i dont excist basically. i guess the cars are more important then me, o its all good tho wuteva comes around goes around :D
CrayZcHiK107: seriously
Sweetiepie143627: ;x
Sweetiepie143627: got*
CrayZcHiK107: haha
Sweetiepie143627: errs ! they piss me offi
CrayZcHiK107: :-(
CrayZcHiK107: that sucks
Sweetiepie143627: yeah it does. and so does he
Sweetiepie143627: ;x
Sweetiepie143627: he hasnt been online for weeks its all good
CrayZcHiK107: GRRRR guys suckkkk
Sweetiepie143627: er ya !
CrayZcHiK107: :-(
Sweetiepie143627: :-(:-(:-(:-(
CrayZcHiK107: im gonna bitch him out so bad when i get him on the fone 2morrow

lol dalyn too funni we think alike ...
well newayz yea lastnyte kinda fukedup.. lol.. me + jamie went trick or treat'n ! rofl i hadda bring mah lil sis..sighs..and she hadda bring her lil bro but wuteva they left and did thea on thing..ya we hadda watch them o well lol jamie "DONT TRiP OvER thE cActUS!" lol omggg..fuked..well ya the streets were pitch blak bc theas no street lights hea its so fukin gay i cant stand it..but ya we were on our way home..we were mad far...and these weird people were makin sum strange noisez i mean FREAKY ! i waz so scared they were behind a fence like wit a laser..pointin it at my eyess and jamies..and fukin wit us he fukin let his pitbull CHACE AFTER AND FOR THOSE WHO KNO ME...U KNO HOW MUCH I HATE DOGS !!!!! so i waz fukin jettin i tripped over a CACTUS OOUCCCHHHIEE ! but ya then the dog ran away ? and it waz pitch blak my poor sista is cryin haha aw man it sucked we ran home i waz so scared haha wen the dog came out all hell broke loose but i fukn flipped like i scremed "SHUT THE FUK UP U BASTARD I JUST CALLED THE COPS ON U SO HOPE UR READY :D" AND HE STOOPPPPED ;D haha wen i flip i flip. so ya then we finally got in at like 10ish ? and ya that sucked i waz sum fairy gangsta thing it waz funni overall .. i guess well neways today sucked i woke up @ 7ish i were capreees and a shirt..ya...and i were braids ;] they were cute .. well hm. i hadda test in alg. failed. bio we watched a movie..eng we read..lunch nada just ate salad ... weight train*n we ran 10 laps ahh ! .. spanish we colored n shit haaa. and cookin we just took notes. ya skool suked told ya. hmph. then i just chilled after skool went out to eat..takint he drives test sumtime next week i dont feel ready
well lately i been madd depressed? i dunno i just talk to all my friends and they tell me how much fun they been have'n and it feels like im missin out on so fukin much i mean im 16...my childhood is almost ova and i have to spend a year here ? wit nobody i mean wtf ? my life is goin down the drain er i dunno i been thinkin bout a lot of shit lately .. er i dunno i dont think thesee next 6 months are gnna go by fast..it feels likes i been hea foreva..and i been hea for 7 months..i have 6 more to go..er im so heated i hate it hea y do i have to b hea ? like i try not to complain too much but seriously put urself in mi shoes rite now...u live in mass for 16 years grew up wit all ur friends..then one day u move 3,000 miles away frm ur life ur family ur friends everyything...and u have to go to a new high skool and make new friends and try to settle in a new state 3000 miles away a total diff weather ajestment just errrrrrr my gosh im siki of this fukin shit i cant wait another 6 monthsssss errrrr ! i wanna go home now and get wit the GUY I WANT TO AND SEE MI fRIEDS AND MY DADDY AND MI FAMILY AND FUKIN GO TO MY SKOOL AND B WIT THE PPL I WANNA B WIT INSTEAD OF SITTIN HEA AND TALKIN TO EVERYONE ON A COMPUTER FOR A YEAR ERRRRRRRR IM SIK OF IT


31st-Oct-2002 04:28 pm - HAPPY HALLOWEEN !
Hey hunnies ! ah Happy Halloween<33 yay well im @ jamies just waitin for her to get ready dude wea goin trick or treat'n aw how fun haha ya i think it'll b fun wea just dorks shes bein a gangsta and ima b a gangsta fairy..o dont hate i kno ur readin this ryte now and sayin wtf loser..haha. well ya newayz i went to get my license today and guess wut ? my mom forgot her id and by then it waz too late...so yeah wea gnna do it tahmorroo ! o well betta luk tomorro. hmm well yeah skool suked..it waz crayz we baked mufins today in homech :D fun fun , hmm well yeah this kid bought me like lunch hes such a sweetie<3 ummmm hm i dunno ima get goin and get ready to go out yay have a fun halloween everyone ! mwah

<3 alwayz Krystal

Happy halloween WoO WwoOo
30th-Oct-2002 06:10 pm - eeeek im sik
hey babes. wuts goin on ? i have the worst migrane evaah and it sux so fuk'n bad i mean im sik basicalli 24-7..er. this blows

>>Well today i woke up @ like 720ish ha. i hate skool. but ya i went feelin like SHIT ! all day waz basically boringg...ha i talked to JR today ;] hes like do u like me im like nope. hes like do u want me to talk to u im like no kid get away and he took it seirous haha im like im jk ! <333 im so dumb like that. lol. <3 hes a sweettieee ! well after skool i went to detention dude fukin in weight train'n i got called down to the office..and hes like if u dont go to detention ull get night suspension..im like um im new..haha so he let me go..and sed to just go to detention ;] yippee.. well yeah i went then i gave jamie a ride to Agapitos ::sighs:: that gurl WILL NEVER LEARN NO MATTA WUT SO IMA JUST LET HER DO WUT SHE WANTS BC SHE DONT WANNA LISTEN TO ME OBV AND SHES SO ER STUPIDDDDDDDDD !!!!!!! but yeah then i went to mah nanas..my uncle went to court and the judge sed he cant leave state ;[ but hes gunna anyway hahaha they found out he has 4 warrents out for him in mass!! rofl hes so bad...but hes gunna leaev state neway..my aunt called up today flippin bc we wont pay 5,000 $$ to bail her ass outta jail...ah stupidness...she will neva learn..shes been doin this shit for YEARS now and the ONLY way she'll learn is to stay in jail and learn for her mistakes...crime=time ;[ so..i dunno i feel bad but wut can ya do ? hm well i drove around a lil im pissed my mom sed i cant get my license till mondayy bc tomorro she has work...friday i have tutoring and sat + sun they are closed...+ frigan the place wea u get ur license closes @ 430 ;[so i duno wuteva ill get it mondayy ah tomorros halloween =)_ and im sik o this is just wonderful !!!!!!! er. i dunno ima do sumthing wit jamie i think.but her bf is goin so i doubt it i duno we'll see wut happens. ah ima go i feel so sik and ima fall ova haha lada hunnies<3

<3 Always and Foreva Krystal<3

I love Matt foreva..no matta wut.
30th-Oct-2002 05:42 pm - sum long ass surveyy
heylo i stole this frm one of mah lj friends :D hehe enjoyyy ! ;]

* what is your name?: Krystal

* what is the current date?: Oct 30

* what is your sex?: babii gurl

* what is your current relationship status?: single...the guy i love lives in mass and im not thea so u figure

* what is your sexual orientation?: Strictly dickly

* what character traits do you look for in a potential interest?:height...eyes...face ?

* what sort of people do you like, as far as what they're interested in life?: I like a whole bunch of different people.

* what kind of fashion-sense attracts you?: it dont matta...punks are cute ;] skater boiis ... piercings and all that

* what kind of hair style do you find attractive on a potential mate?: spikey =)

* what is the usual age range you look at?: usually a lil older...no more then 3 years diff

* what traits turn you off?: guys who think thea the shit....dirtiness..stupidness..rude ones

* do you prefer to date various people, or do you pretty much fall into monogamous relationships quickly?: i like relationships.

* are you afraid to ask people out on dates?: no. guys ask gurls out thats just how it goes..

single life
* when you're single, do you wish you were in a relationship?: yeah

* what are the positive points about being single?: more freedom to do whatever you want...

* what are the negative points about being single?: not being able to cuddle wit that special sumone ;[

* when single, do you often find yourself longing for companionship?: naww

* how well do you handle rejection?: everyone gets rejected... it's a part of life.. you move on

* do you miss your last sweetie?: nope. but i miss matt =( a lot

* do you think it's better to look for love, or let it find you?:i let it find me. u cant look for it .. it just comes to yeah wen u least expect it..

when you're in a relationship
* when you're in a relationship right now, does it last?: I'm not in a relationship right now.. so I don't think I can answer this question...

* what's the longest relationship you've been in?: 3 years off n on.

* the shortest?: um... probably a week or two ((Matt.c!))

* what are the positive points about being in a relationship?...alwayz have'n him around...and have'n sumone to trust

* what are the negative points about being in a relationship?: arguments, stress,

* have you ever gone out with someone you didn't know very well?: yeah i dated himm ((Jesse))

* have you ever gone out with someone you had a crush on?: yeah

* have you ever gone out with someone who had a crush on you?: yeah

* what is an example of an ideal, perfect day with your sweetie?: I don't have a sweetie at the ryte now..but a perfect day wit him is just chilin and doin wuteva comes up

* how important is it to you to know the exact status of your relationships (ie: "dating", "going steady", etc)?: hmm

* do you think couples should spend a very large amount of time together, or space things out a tad?: I think that it is important to remember your friends and everyone who was there for you before you were with whomever, because you always want them there for you... especially if things don't go as you planned ((I AGREE))

* have you ever found yourself worried about commitment?: naw

* when involved, do you try to think about the here-and-now, or do you often think about the future?: both...rite now im thinkin about the future..shyt i do everday..just to go to the guy im in love wit and be wit him foreva ;[

* how do you prefer to handle disagreements?: stand up for myself

* when in a fight, it is better to emphasize things to soften the hurt, or should one be blunt?: depends on the person..

* how do you feel when your mate is mad at you and won't tell you why?: I worry about it, probably too much, but then I just try to get them to talk about it

* do you have a crush right now?: YESSSS

* do they know?: hee sure doess

* what's the longest period of time you've ever had a crush? well heh lets see its been like 5 months since ive liked matt..and i liked him last feb so i wud say quite a long time wudnt u ?

* have you ever confessed your feelings to a crush?: yeah

* has someone who had a crush on you ever confessed to you?: yeahhh

* do you tell a lot of people when you have a crush?: yuppss

* how do you feel about long-distance relationships?: its up to the couple if thea mature enuf to handle it then do it..but if yeah cant...and u kno ur gunna cheat on him/her then scrwe it..

* if so, does a phone call with them make you feel better of worse?: better!!!! matt neva calls me nemore *thanks*

* have you ever pined for someone when you're not around them?: I wouldn't call it pining....

* would you get involved with someone if they had a child already?: I might..

* what would you do if you got pregnant / made her pregnant while in a relationship?: I dunno.. it would really depend on the relationship of me and the person, if that were to happen I would have to be in a very loving relationship... so we would probably get married

* would you get involved with someone if they were previously married?: if it was the right guy

* how big of an issue is your mate's morals, to your compatibility?: important

* how big of an issue is political beliefs, to your compatibility?: barely an issue

* how big of an issue is religion to your, compatibility?: again.. barely and issue.... if it's the right person these things will work themselves out

* how big of an issue to you is your mate's ethnicity?: it doesn't really matter to me

* in a potential mate, how important is conversation to you?: it's very important to me.. in order for me to want to be around a person all the time and trust a person I have to be able to talk to them

* in a potential mate, how important is intelligence to you?: it matters.. but it's not the most important

* in a potential mate, how important is sense of humor to you?: wicked important

* in a potential mate, how important is understanding to you?: very important

* in a potential mate, how important is forgiveness to you?: important....

* how tangible do your shared feelings have to be? (aka: are words even necessary?): depends on the situation... but if you really have that connection with someone then words, and sometimes touch, can explain a lot

* what makes your heart flutter, and brings a bit cheesy smile to your face:? i honestly dont know..

making' out
* what was your first kiss like?: haha Skye..::Truth or dare:: how ghetto waz that !

* what parts of a person's body do you find most attractive?: eyes, smile, hands

* what's the first thing you look at when you look at someone you're attracted to?: eyes

* how important is the looks of a mate's face to you?: they have to be somewhat attractive

* how important is the looks of a mate's body to you?: it doesnt matter..i dont go for 100% looks i go by personality mostlyy..but he has to be a lil attractivee

* when you kiss someone for the first time, is it usually you who initiates it, or the other?: both

* when you are about to kiss someone for the first time, do you generally feel calm, or are you nervous?: I feel like there's butterflies in my tummy

* can you generally tell when the time is right for a first kiss to happen with your object of interest?: oh yeah

* what are you're favorite places to be touched?: haha ;]

* what are your favorite places to touch?: ;]

* what are you're favorite places to be kissed?: neck, lips.......

* what are your favorite places to kiss?: lips, neck..... and the list goes on... hehe

* do you prefer long sensual kisses or shorter pecks?: depends

* have you ever kissed someone you longed for?: yeah

* how did that make you feel?: damn good

* have you ever casually made out with someone who you weren't seriously involved with?: um.... yeah !

* were you single at the time?: yeah

* what are your ticklish areas?: I'm ticklish pretty much all over.. it's hard to find a spot that I'm not ticklish

* what are your turn-offs?: dirtiness

* what do you most like about making out?: it can't be explained.... it's just... yeah.

are you a virgin?: mmhmm..i havent found the ryte guy yet..so wen i do..yea

* if not, would you consider your first time to have been a good one?:

* how old were you when you lost your virginity?:

* have you ever had sex with someone you loved?:

* have you ever turned down an offer for sex?: yeah a few times actually ;]

* if you are a virgin, how do you feel about sex?: i think you shud fuk sumone u rlly love + care about..

* if you are a virgin, (rock on!), what are your reasons to stay that way?..bc i havent found the ryte guy.

* how much do you think sex changes a relationship?: i mean if u go out wit the guy for a month or 2 and fuk him hes OBV gunna stay wit u to get sum...but if u wait mad long..like a year or sumthing then obv that person rlly loves u and prob. wudnt leave yeah

* has anyone ever walked in on you during love-making?:

* on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being highest) how would you rate your sexual attractiveness?:1. lol naw jp..i dunno go ask sumone else

* on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being highest) how would you rate your - *ahem* - kink factor?: that was a good way to put that... yeah.... I dunno... I haven't had any complaints

* how do you feel about casual sex?: ugh

* at what level of importance does sex factor into your relationships?: hmm

* how important is it to talk frankly about sex?: very important

* would you stay with a lover if the love stopped, but the sex was still enjoyable?: If i didnt love him. i wudnt fuk him

* would you stay with a lover if the sex stopped / got boring, but there was still love?: yeah because I figure if there's love you can always just help the other stuff along...

* do you believe in love?: kinda

* do you believe in love at first sight?: yea

* what would it take for you to love someone?: a LOT of trust and a whole lot of other things that just can't be explained

* has someone ever told you they loved you?: yeah

* have you ever told someone you loved them and meant it?: yeah..

* have you ever told someone you loved them and not meant it?: i dunt do that..but wen i waz immature i did. (matt.w.)) eeek

* do you believe it's necessary to express your love in words, of is just the atmosphere and feelings enough?: both but the words aren't the most important

* do you believe love can end, or do you think it never goes away, and just changes, or what?: love can never end... it can only change

* have you ever had your heart broken?: yeah

* have you ever been dumped?: yeah

* have you ever dumped someone?: Yes

* have you ever mutually broke up with someone?: yeah

* has a romantic companion ever made you cry?: ehh

* did you cry in their presence: nope... I HATE to cry in front of other people

* did you cry with them?: nope

* have you ever made a romantic companion cry?: naw

* have you ever had an emotional pain so bad it made you sick or physically hurt?: yeah

* have you ever been unfaithful? if so, how did it make you feel?: NOPE

* if so, did they find out?: ....

* have you ever been cheated on? if so, how did it make you feel?: yeah... but the kids a loser so its not big deal

* have you ever had to end a relationship due to life changes not related to romance (ie: moving, strict parents, etc)?: yeah !! !! ERRRRR movingg

* have you ever learned an important lesson as a result of a break up?: yes dont let one guy get to u bc theas MANY MOREe

the aftermath
* have you ever gotten back together with someone after breaking up?: yeah

* did it work?: no

* do you believe there's hope for people after they get back together, or do you think the same problems that caused the initial break-up will resurface?: there is hope. you just have to work at it

* have you ever broke up and remained friends afterward?: yeah

* have you ever broke up and became bitter enemies?: no

* if so, did you ever made amends?: ......

* have you ever broke up and lost touch?: yeah RICH ! :[ TEAR !

* have you ever got back in touch with an old flame after a time of more than 3 months of no communication?: yeah

* were you afraid to do so?: not really...

* do you ever check up on old flames (weather by asking mutual friends, for example), without actually contacting them?: yeah

* if you've ever lost touch or went sour with someone who you loved, how did it make you feel?: horrible

* have you ever longed to get back together with someone?: yeah FUKIN MATT !

* although it surely depends of specific relationships, how long does it take before your out looking for companionship again?: depends
29th-Oct-2002 06:40 pm - lala
hey huns lol im @ the libary mah sista is gettin stuff er sumthing lol this comp is mad fast :D omg lol this old guy just goes "want me to kik ur ass kid ill kill u" and hes like 85 in a wheel chair omg im rollin lolololol ! he sed it to this smart ass teen ager haha way too funni well today i just chilled i havent updated in a few days my mom kiked me out lastnite bc i waz talkin fresh to her lol so she sent me to my nanas and i hadda sleep over thea ! :[ no comp for krys lol i hadda listen to my nana adams yell @ me rofl o boy but she calmed down..shes a cool chica haha. well newhoo. i went to bed @ like 10ish and i got woken up by my uncle george HES OUTTA JAIL ! :D but hes gat a trial tomoro..he left my auntie :( shes still in jail ! ah im so scared for them wish them luk on the trial ! lol :[ aw man. well newayz ya i woke up today @ like 7ish..had sum ceral and sat outside for a while it waz mad cold out haha . then i got ready and got off to skool ;[ tear. skool waz boring like usual no big surprise thea ! heas the day..
->>*Algebra-nttin mad boringg ! lol just talked to kelly
->>*Biology-omgg u guyss theas this hot kid named mike in that class ima get wit him b4 the year is ova haha omg me n natasha were like drooling ova him but she dont like him that much so ima get wit him rofl mmm mm ! hottieee !
->>*English-Mad boringgggg read the oddesy :[
->>*Lunch- haha me + audy were talkin to jamie..((by the way thanks to the lj gurlies that actually helped me wit the issue 143 xox) well yea we talked to jamie and shes like u guyz i dunno i wanna find another bf b4 i dump him im liek dur jamie thats all u think bout just dump his ass and look for guys lada er she pisses me off me n audy were like seriously screammminnn @ her mad loud lol kinda funnie. well ya
->>*Weight traing'n-boringness hadda go in the weight room and work out i lifted 65 lbs o whos jacked ?
->>*Spanish-nada rlly just learned sum new shiznett mad easy and me n justin were fooln around in class haha got in trouble mad times its all good i love that kid haha
->> Nutriction-boring omg haha but wea gunna BAKE A CAKE ER SUMTHIN tHRUS

afta skool i hadda get turtored considering im dumb in alg 2 haha so i met mah tutor shes rlly nice :D hehe then @ 4 i met jamie and we went home and just chilled i dunno this thursday i get my license i betta pass the drives test !! =( wish me lukkk gurlies ! ah and yeah thats bout it im goin home now lol so ill ttu ppls lada
<3 krystal

143 xox mwahh ! :D
27th-Oct-2002 04:30 pm(no subject)
hey babes ! wutta weekend ugh.well heas wut went down lastnyte.
->>* i left hea @ 630 and went to jamies..her mom took mad pictures lol :D and then we went off to the highskool (wea the dance waZ) it waz colddd out. haah well i bought mahself a ticket ;] and wenttt in :) we were just chillin at first sittin down lol i talked to JR ;) mmm. ha thenn finally i went out and danced. we found audy :D and we were all just have'n a good time, =) i waz dancein and bein mad crazyy ! lol then fukin jamie and agapito got ina fuckin big ass fight..and he HIT HER dude that is illegal that fukin asshole, i fuckin pushed him and waz like punchin him then he HIT ME BAK omg i waz HEATED i didnt kno wut to do i waz just like goin crayz me n audy didnt kno to like tell the cops that hes hittin jamie and US or just let it go...i mean that guy has serious issues and i dont wanna see him fukin again..he all tried to say sorry at the end of the nite im liek ha LEARN ENGLISH FUCKIN LOSER hes so fukn gay he is the most jealous guy i have ever met in my entire life if jamie even looks at a guy he like hits her and if agapito looks at a gurl jamie does nada im like jamie im not gunna talk to u nemore bc ura fukin stupid ass u keep runnin bak to him and fuckin hes gunna end up killin u hes a fukin abusive asshole i cant stand him...i mean LJ GURLIES WUT WUD U DO ? SHUD I TELL SUMONE I FRIGGAN NEED HELP ! HELPPPP ! LOL LEAEV A COMMENT AND LET ME KNO WUT U WUDDA DONE OR SHUD DO ? YA KNO. but wuteva we dropped his UGLY ass home i didnt say a word to him, then i got home @ 1..overall i had an OK TIME i danced and acted crazy haha the chicken dance came on ! rofl me n audy were doin it haha mad funni tymes. but i kept thinkn ov matt. i swear i cant get him off my mind ! i LOVE him errrrr !
->>* well today i woke up @ 11...and watched the GRINCH :D then got ready for CCD. blahhhh !! boringness. then at 130 i got out and we went to mah nanas to eat over. we stayed ova thea for a while. then my mom let me drive home. -i get mi license in 4 dayz kiddos ahhhhh i cant type wit nails on ! errrrrrr laks;asdfkl;adsf thea pretty tho ! well im suppose to b goin to the movies w/dave @ 6...who knoz. haha. we'll see wut happens ! haha jamie cant go bc her bf agopito mite hit her and im fahreal thats the reason y..ha...fuckin loser. well im outtie. love yas. leave a commeentt let me kno wut i shud dooo ah !
<3 alwayz krystal

What Sign of Affection Are You?

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Confused and pissed ! I love yas !</marquee
25th-Oct-2002 05:55 pm(no subject)
::. Heyy huns. im just bout to go out :D im goin to jamies and wea goin to homecome'n wooooo ! :) yay ! hope i have fun i just got bak frm jc penny i got a cute dress and then we came bak hea and im all ready my hairs all cripttttt its so cuet haha well ill update lada hunnies and let ya know wut went down for tonite !

The Usuals...
{x} Name (including nicknames) Name=Krystal..niknames..Krys Damafia. Kay. Krazy Kay. Special K. geek. herb. shorty.
{x} Age-- 16
{x} B~day-- o6.28.86
{x} Height-- 5'3
{x} Weight-- 106
{x} Shoe size-- 7
{x} Piercings-- ears=5x and mah belly
{x} Tattoos-- none

Have you ever...
{x} Fallen for your best friend? yeah (matt)
{x} Made out with JUST a friend? Yup
{x} Been rejected? umm
{x} Been in love? Yess
{x} Been in lust? 24/7
{x} Used someone? Anyone who says no is a liar!
{x} Been used? I dunno?
{x} Cheated on someone? Yea.. whoopsies..
{x} Been cheated on? Yup
{x} Done something you regret? yeah i regret not see'n my grampie more..and i regret last nyte i didnt get mikes numba ah

Who was the last person...
{x} You touched? mah mommy :D
{x} You talked to? jamie
{x} You hugged? Mom
{x} You instant messaged? Sarah
{x} You kissed? o wow. jesse
{x} You yelled at? Ummmm...mi mom
{x} You laughed with? agapito

Have you/are you/do you....
{x} Considered a life of crime? Nope *lol*
{x} Considered being a hooker? *LMAO* noo
{x} Considered being a pimp? o0o ya
{x} Are you psycho? Surely?
{x} Schizophrenic? Mmm.. no I`m good, thanks.
{x} Obsessive? Can be
{x} Obsessive compulsive? Not @ all..
{x} Anxiety? Nope
{x} Depressed? sumtimes
{x} Suicidal? No no no
{x} Obsessed with hate? Hmm.. can`t say that I am
{x} Understanding: I try so0 hard *lol*
{x} Open-minded: Yupp
{x} Arrogant: Can be
{x} Insecure: Not one bit
{x} Hungry: ALWAYZ
{x} Friendly: Yes
{x} Smart: Smart ass is more like it.. *lol*
{x} Moody: Yess
{x} Childish: naw
{x} Independent: ya
{x} Hard working: Depends on wut it is
{x} Organized: kinda.
{x} Healthy: kinda
{x} Emotionally Stable: ugh
{x} Shy: Nope
{x} Difficult: Only when i wanna be
{x} Attractive: hope so :)
{x} Bored Easily: Yupp.. like right now!
{x} Responsible: Yea

{x} Current Clothes: im all ready to go to the homecome'n im wearin a cute black dress
{x} Current Mood: excited
{x} Current Taste: ChickeN !
{x} Current Hair: light brown w/blonde highlights
{x} Current Annoyance: Hm.. ppl..
{x} Current Smell: purfume
{x} Current thing you ought to be doing: doin my hair
{x} Current Desktop Picture: eminem
{x} Current Favorite Group: Good Charlotte.NFG
{x} Current Book: I dun read books
{x} Current DVD In Player: eh

{x} Current Refreshment: pepsii
{x} Current Worry: 2nite bettah fun
{x} Current Crush: Matt + Mike
{x} Current Favorite Celebrity: eminem ?

{x} Food: Mcdonalds -n- Wendy`s.. *drools*
{x} Drink: pepsii
{x} Color: purple Baby blue
{x} Shoes: Etniteeeeeeeeee :)
{x} Candy: I love it all!
{x} Movie: A Walk 2 Remember.
{x} Dance: Fast *lol*?
{x} Vegetable: cucumberss
{x} Fruit: Strawberriessssss <33

On preferences....
{x} Chocolate milk or hot chocolate? Chocolate milk
{x} McDonalds or Burger King? BK
{x} Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend? Perfect friend
{x} Sweet or sour? Sour
{x} Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? Dr. Pepper
{x} Sappy/action/comedy/horror? sappy
{x} Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese? Cool Ranch
{x} Mud or Jell-O wrestling? mud
{x} With or without ice-cubes? With
{x} Shine or rain? rain.it never rains hea but it did today
{x} Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring? springg
{x} Vanilla or Chocolate? Chocolate!
{x} Eyes open or closed? CLOTHES LOL matt i use to kiss him w/mah eyes open..eeks..
{x} Fly or breathe under water? Breathe under water
{x} Bunk-bed or waterbed? Waterbed.. omg I want one now!
{x} Chewing gum or hard candy? Gum
{x} Motor boat or sailboat? Motor..
{x} Lights on or off? Off ;]
{x} Chicken or fish? Chicken

What's your favorite:
{x} Number? 7
{x} Holiday? Christmas
{x} Place? Mah room
{x} Flower? Lilacs + Roses..
{x} Scent? Candies

{x} If you could be anywhere, where would you be? mass wit my friendsss
{x} What are you listening to? twistedd
{x} Can you do anything freakish with your body? Not that I know of..?
{x} Any last words? Hmmmm... I`M wISH ME LUK AT HOMECOME'N :P!! <33
24th-Oct-2002 09:20 pm - omg i need ur help ladies !! HELP !
ok well i haves lots to say. so read it all ! :]
->i woke up @ 7 went to skool, nada important went on...
->after skool i went to mah nanas then came home + got ready to go out. i went to jamies..and we took a cab to Agapitos. haha we went in his house and liek they were cookin sum fucked up mexican food and sum strong ass oil + spices were in it so me + jamie were literally caughin our brains out haha so we ran outta that house. then we all went to Ocean nails. to get our nails done for homecome'n tomorro thea so pwettttttty ! french manicure w/sum cute designs. but yet so hard to type wit em ! haha. well me n jamie were fuk'n around wit the chinks haha one ov em were all check*n me out i waz dying. but ya then i ran into DAVE ! hes like ya im gettin my car tomorro, wanna go to the movies ? im liek ya i guess. lol jamie HATES his but its all good ! lol. then Agapito + Jamie got into this HUGE fight i waz in the middle like ususal. ha but they got over it then we went out to eat...:) @ the pour house. good place. :) *****IMPORTANT PART OF THE NITE SO READ THIS ESP.!! we were walkin to Agapitos and this HOT FUCKIN BANGGIN ASS GUY WALKS BY" so im like hey ;] haha. so jamies like okmg go talk to him ! haha so i waz like hey wutsup ? haha we were talk'n mad long omg gurls this guy waz fuckin BANGING he had his Chin peirced spiked brownish hair..fuckin perfect hight omg fuckin perfect and we talked for a while..im like hey get me weed haha hes like aight i can hook u up..and jamies all like KRYSTAL GET HIS NUMBER she sed it like 10 times seriously and i didnt bc..i felt dumb..and then we left...and i got NO NUMBER GURLS HELPPPPPPP IM SO MAD I WAZ SO SCARED TO GET THE NUMBA IMA FUCKN PUSSY WUT SHUD I DOOO I WANNA SEE HIM AGAIN SO FUCKIN BAD AND OMFG HE WAZ SO BANGIN IMA LIKE CRY LITERALLY OMGGGG ! : : :( i want a bf lol er esp this dude he waz awesummmmm. but wuteva.then we went home..@ 1030ish. and i took a shower and hea i am u gurlies leave me a commeennttt and help haha im so mad / sad ! :(

<3 krystal

HElppp Mee! :( Ima Cryy LoL
24th-Oct-2002 04:40 pm(no subject)
Hey bebe's ! howz it goin ? well im feelin a lil betta. :D i woke up @ 7ish. and wore nurse'n pants na hoodie. dude i hate gettin dressed up for skool esp. mad early in the morn. i cant even open my eyes so i just throw on sum fuck'n comfy clothes. but wen i got out ppl are like KRYSTAL >? bc im actually dresssed up ! yup ! lol well yeah skool sucked. alg=boring. bio=boring eng = gay haha the teacher had a spasm kinda thing and ran outta the class to go to the nurse haha aw. lunch waz tight ! a DJ waz in the cafe play'n good music hes like ima b the dj for the homecome'n aka SEMI as i call it so buy the tickets ! haha im goin its this saturday :) hehe. me n jamie are gunna get our nails done tomorro :D hehe. well yeah Weight train'n= fuked i got ina fight w/audy ova mad stupid shit. so wuteva i waz a bitch to her and plus im PMSING and i dont need her stupid ass shit. newhoo. then i had spanish. haha we watched Toy Story, it waz in eng. tomorro the otha half will b in spanish o geez. =D then i had nutrition class. we cooked =) haha pork fried rice dude it waz actually good !! :] haha. we did good. yeye ! haha amazing. i cant cook bacon ;[ haha shay hadda do it i suk im afraid ov the greese ! :*( LoL ! aw ManO lol colleen, just for you haha. well yeah then the day waz ova , i got bk and yummmmz. :] hehe. then i went rite in the shower. and came online talked to sum kiddos. and chilled w/Jamie her dress iz extra cute ! i cant find my dress frm the last semi so ima buy a new 1 tomorro :D LoL well im outtie huns. i'll update ladas ! mwahS ! Love yous loTs !

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I Love Matthew !

<3alwayz KrystaL
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